Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Browser

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to change your existing homepage or set a new homepage in Internet Explorer

Avg. Tutorial Time

2 mins

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Follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Click the ‘Gear’ Icon

You will find the small gear icon on the top right corner of the browser

Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Step 1

Step1 in setting your home page in Internet Explorer

Step 2 : A drop-down menu will appear

One of the options drop-down menu will say ‘Internet Options’.  Click it, and select it.

Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Step 3

Step 2 in setting your home page in Internet Explorer

Step 3 : Click the ‘General’ tab & set your Home page

Within the general tab, you will then see a place where you can set your homepage.

Also don’t forget to click the ‘Start with homepage’ radio button in the ‘Startup’ section immediately below that.

Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Step 4

Step 3 in setting your home page in Internet Explorer

Editors Tip:

Don’t forget to: Apply, Save and exit the settings dialogue

Click ‘Apply’ and /or save. This will close down the settings popup box and show you the webpage you were on prior to setting your new homepage.(see below)

Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Step 0

Back to the original page that was open prior to steps above

Step 4: Hurray! You are done. Let’s test it.

Now to check that your new homepage has now been set, simply shut down your browser by clicking the red ‘x’ icon on the top right of your browser screen. Once the browser has shut down, go to your desktop or programs menu and double click the explorer icon to open it again. This time your homepage will have changed to the website you set in the previous steps.

A little info about About Internet Explorer

Internet explorer commonly referred to as IE  or MSIE has been around since 1995 . It’s owned by Microsoft and was originally an add-on package for windows 95. It is now the most used browser on Internet and between 2002 and 2003 it held 95 % of the browser market share. So if you are using Internet explorer you are guaranteed to be on one of the best most reliable browsers around.

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  1. Carol Volpi

    I want my Google homepage back. Somehow in downloading an app to transfer pictures from my cell to my laptop I must have done something to change my homepage. I cannot access my email on Google. When I go to it asks me to join. I have Internet Explorer.

    Hope you can help me.
    Thanks Carol


    Thank you for the service you do for so many! I spent 2 days trying to perform this simple task. Had I found you sooner I would not have experienced the frustrations I did. Perhaps your small team should be more publicized for you are greatly needed!

  3. myriam

    This works ok when opening an additional window, but upon opening Explorer the first time, a different page ( always appears, this is annoying, I want google to open up… thanks

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