Set your homepage on Opera browser

By the end of this tutorial you will have managed to create a new site bookmark ( closest equivalent to a homepage) on the Opera Browser.

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1 min

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Editors Note:

Of all the browsers out there, Opera does not have a standard homepage setup process.
Instead it allows you to add your desired site to the speed dial section, allow you to access it as soon as you load Opera

Follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Add a new start-up page bookmaker

click the [+] icon to add a new start-up page bookmarker.

set your homepage on opera - step 1

Step 1 in setting your home page on Opera

Step 2 : Enter the name of the site you want to set

In the following window enter the website address www.(enter the name of the site you want to set here)

set your homepage on opera - step 2

Step 2 in setting your home page on Opera

Step 3 : You’re Done!

An that’s it. You will now have the icon as one of your  ‘Speed Dial’ icons

set your homepage on opera - step 3

Step 3 in setting your home page on Opera

A little info about About Opera

Opera is a web browser that was developed by Opera software .From it’s humble beginnings in 1994 as a research project in a company based in Norway, it now hosts over 350 million users worldwide with 270 million users being on mobile (stats from  September 2014). The Opera Browser is well known for coming up with many cool features that other browsers later on come to adopt . Opera works great on handheld devices mainly Android, it’s easy to use and highly acceptable. Download Opera today if you are looking for a simple easy to use modern browser.
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