Set your homepage on Firefox browser

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to change your existing homepage or set a new homepage in Mozilla Firefox Browser

Avg. Tutorial Time

2 mins

Tech Difficulty Level


Ease Of Following


Follow the steps below.


Step 1 : Click the ‘Firefox settings’ icon

Simply click on Firefox icon on the top right hand top corner of your browser window.

set your homepage on firefox - step 1

Step 1 in setting your home page on Firefox

Step 2 : Options Tab

Select the options tab.

Step 2 in setting your home page on Firefox

Step 2 in setting your home page on Firefox

Step 3 : Set your new homepage

Select the ‘General’ you will see a fields called ‘Home Page’ where you can enter the homepage of your choice.

set your homepage on firefox - step 3

Step 3 in setting your home page on Firefox

Editors Tip:

Don’t forget to: Click okay to save your new home page.

Click ‘OK’. This will close down the settings popup box and show you the webpage you were on prior to setting your new homepage.(see below)

Step 4: Hurray! You are done. Let’s test it.

Now to check that your new homepage has now been set, simply shut down your browser by clicking the red ‘x’ icon on the top right of your browser screen. Once the browser has shut down, go to your desktop or programs menu and double click the explorer icon to open it again. This time your homepage will have changed to the website you set in the previous steps.


A little info about Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox is an open source web browser commited to your privacy, the open web and security. It is reported to have between 12% and 22% of the world wide web browser users market. This makes it the third most popular websites browser.

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  1. Jerry

    Tried it a dozen times. After shotdown it still goes back to a yahoo search bage. And yes I am bushing the YES button

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