Make Google My Homepage

How To Make Google Your Home Page

Guess what, you’re not the only one asking this question
Over the last 36 months millions of internet users both young and old have visited our site after asking the same question. What’s really interesting about this question is that it’s impregnated with a much more interesting question. The question is why would you want to make Google your homepage?

If all you want is the instructions, quickly scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page for the short & long browser by browser instructions on how to to make Google my homepage

Based on the comments and feedback left by other who have successfully managed to set their homepage using our short sharp expert tutorials, it looks like these are some of the most common reasons why this search is still searched by many. These are some of the most common questions we receive.

So Why Make Google Your Homepage?

  1. How to Make Google My Homepage after a Browser hijack experience

    So Browser Hijack usually takes place when a you install a new piece of (So called) “FREE” software which some where along the installation process asks you if you want to change you default homepage. The individual in stalling the software would have pressed yes and by doing that has changed the homepage.

  2. How to Make Google My Homepage after a virus infection on computer

    The other most common reason why ‘users search for how to make Google my homepage is because they are recovering from a Virus attack that may have hijacked the browser or cleared the default settings.

  3. How to Make Google My Homepage as a quick way to search the internet

    Some simply want to start using the worlds favourite search engine to carry out all their internet searches. By setting Google as homepage, they will be able to quickly search the internet and get moving.

  4. How to Make Google My Homepage after getting Sick and tired of Bing, Yahoo & MSN search

    Some simply want a fresh homepage experience. For some MSN homepage is too busy and distracting, we’ve heard some say Yahoo homepage looks a little tired, some say Bing search as homepage does not give you the best internet results compared to those produced by Google.

  5. How to Make Google My Homepage after someone recommendations so

    One of the most common reasons what most as the question how to make Google my homepage? Is simply due to recommendation. They would have asked around and found that Google as homepage is set by most.

So now that you are here, let me confirm that you have come to the right place and are guaranteed to find your solution here. If you son’t simply leave us a comment below and one of our experts will surely respond to you.

Step 1: Before you set Google as homepage, you need to to find out which browser you are using.

Step 2: Once you have this information select your browser from the links below and after a few easy steps, Google will be set as your homepage.

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