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By the end of this tutorial you will be able to change your existing homepage to the Charter Net homepage in under 2 mins.  That way it will be the first page you see when you go online.

Here are 5 quick reasons you may want to make your homepage.

  1. To watch on demand TV shows and live TV on the go

    If you needed just one reason to set your homepage to it would be for the ability to watch channels like ESPN, Disney LIVE on the go, as well as thousands of on demand movies and tv shows from some of the most popular networks across the US such as ABC, Bravo, Cartoon Network, TNT, National Geographic, Cinemax, CNBC,FOX, CNBC, HBO and many more.

  2. Check you email & access your cloud storage account

    If was you homepage you could check your emails or access your cloud storage as soon as you go online.

  3. Charter Bill Pay

    You may want to set it as your homepage so that you can quickly access your account and pay your bill online.

  4. To get a hold of Charter Customer Services

    You may need support with your account, internet service, TV services or Telephone line.

  5. To be able to carry out a quick charter speed test

    You may want to check the speed of your internet services at any time. If you need this, Charter provide a speed test app that you can view here.

Below we have tutorials available for each internet browser, simply select the browser you are using and you can learn how to change your current homepage to in just 2 mins.

Avg. Tutorial Time

2 mins

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