How to make google my homepage again

Hello and thanks for dropping in. So you too want to know how to Make Google your homepage again? Well you’ve come to the right place. So once upon a time you and possibly 80% of the internet using generation enjoyed the pleasure of having Google as your homepage. Then something happened!

Maybe you downloaded some lovely piece of “FREE” software that forgot to tell you that it would take over your homepage and manipulate your search results, or maybe you allowed someone less internet savvy to use your computer and by hook or by crook they some how managed to change your default homepage…. oh boy!?

I know how you must have felt. It happened to me too, and that’s why I setup this quick tutorial to help you and the thousands of other Google lovers that search the web for quick instructions on how to make Google your homepage again.

Let me get out of your way and help reconnect you with your long lost Favourite homepage…:)lol

How to make Google your homepage again.

Step 1: Before you set Google as homepage, you need to to find out which browser you are using.

Step 2: Once you have this information select your browser from the links below and after a few easy steps, Google will be set as your homepage again.

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  1. Betty McGee

    I was following direction and it said to click on “gear” icon. I cannot find the “gear” icon.

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