Make Google My Homepage in Google Chrome – Latest version

Now you may have recently upgraded your Chrome browser to the latest version and found that the old instructions we posted a couple of years ago don't work any more. That's because at times when Chrome is updated to a newer version the instructions on how to make Google your homepage on your Chrome browser seem to change. The guys at Chrome made one major change a few versions ago which resulted in us having to draft up some new instructions.

With Chrome being one of the most popular browsers, we have gone all out and designed some pretty illustrations to guide you along the way. I hope you find the instructions easy to follow. If you do find them easy and simple to follow please do share them with your network. You will be surprised just how many friends, family members and other people in your network are trying to update their default homepage in chrome but find themselves struggling.

Great! So fire up your Google Chrome browser (that is if you are not already in it now) and lets get started.

Step 1

  1. Click the icon to the far right of the web address  titled,’ customise and control Google Chrome’.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ -> and go to appearance -> Tick the button that says ‘show homepage button’
    see visual instructions below.
setting your homepage in chrome

Click the settings page to make these changes

Step 2
Click the ‘change’  link under the button -> then select the

Click the change page to make these changes.

Click the change page to make these changes.

You’re Done!

Once done click OK and exit the setting window

You will now see a home icon on the left hand side of your browser.

Now every time you click the homepage icon it will take you to the page you have set as your homepage.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I have followed the instructions above but still my google chrome homepage has not changed:

A: If you have gone through this process closed down(exited) your browser and switched it back on again, but still your homepage has not been set, then firstly I would urge you to check again that you have gone through the process as instructed and if nothing changes, then please run your antivirus program to check that your are not a victim of browser hijacking.

Q: My default search engine and browser has changed again from what I originally set it as, why?

If you find this has happened again, then you may have recently installed a new usually free software or update and along the installation steps, the software provider may have snuck in a checkbox that gives them permission to change your default homepage or browser settings. If this is what has happened recently, simply un-install whatever you have recently installed and reinstall it this time paying attention to the check boxes that appear during the installation process. When done, simply go over the instructions above again.

If you still can’t get this fixed, checkout the video below and follow the link at the end if any of the issues highlighted are affecting you.